It’s overwhelming. When I had to make the banner and there was over 33 guys to put on it – it takes you back. It’s sad. Tonight is our Climbing for Lost Linemen event. It’s where we honor all linemen that passed away from June 2013 to June 2014. We had 23 Brothers that passed[…]

In May, we contacted a few companies about donations for our Tool Bucket fundraiser. Upon conversing with Rod Paul, of Bashlin Industries, I mentioned the disbelief that a rodeo did not exist here in the northeast, a bit jealous too might I add. Since all of our expenses for any N.S.U.J.L. event/meeting are all paid[…]

As we have entered in the Rodeo Scene, apparently it is common practice to fly a flag. We’ve been asked at the events to have one. Being a new organization, we of course, did not have any made. Once again our Officers, Directors and Members joined together and donated Money to purchase 3 flags. One[…]