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In Memoriam

At the NSUJL, we honor our fallen brothers and sisters yearly at our Rodeo. The lighting of lanterns allow for all of us to keep their spirit, love of friends, family and linework alive. Join us in honoring the fallen for their dedication, hard work and love of life while keeping their names and photos close to our hearts.

Ramon Rodriguez

A beloved brother of IBEW Local 47, Ramon was a devoted Father to Raymond, Isabella and Ramon Jr., husband to Sonia and son, brother and friend to all who knew him. His memory lives on forever.

Ramon Rodriguez
10/13/1988 – 4/24/2024

James Terrill

James was a dedicated husband to his wife Maisie. He was proud to be a 3rd generation lineman with IBEW Local 2150 who was known for his generous nature and love for the outdoors. James was truly “The Real Deal”.

James C. Terrill
12/5/1996 – 5/25/2024

Scott Ballentine

Scott was a proud lineman with IBEW Local 20 who lived his life dedicated to his wife Hali and his daughter Aubrey. With his calloused hands and giving heart, Scott will be missed by everyone he met.

Scott W. Ballentine
3/22/1990 – 5/28/2024

JP Plante

JP was loved by his family and friends and brothers at IBEW Local 104. He was known for his love of the outdoors. His passing led to the formation of the NSUJL and his name lives on in a college scholarship for the children of fallen linemen.

John “JP” Plante
9/22/1967 – 1/16/2012

Henry Miller

Henry dedicated his life to organizing electrical workers and was a true friend to organized labor in its earliest days. He found the first electrical union in St. Louis in 1890 (Local 5221) which evolved into today’s IBEW. Henry was a true trailblazer.

Henry Miller
1/5/1853 – 7/10/1896

Edwin Hill

Edwin began his career with the IBEW 712 in Beaver, PA in 1956. He dedicated his life to the pursuit of fair wages and safe working conditions for all linemen. He was loved by family and his friends and all who knew him. He served at the 17th President of the IBEW.

Edwin D. Hill
8/11/1937 – 12/1/2018

Jerid Peterson

Jerid was full of life, the type of person who loved to hike, hunt, laugh and spend time with his fiancé Jess. A proud member of IBEW Local 66, Jerid lived to be outdoors and it showed in his work.

Jerid Peterson
6/17/1993 – 8/22/2016

Brandon Orozco

Brandon lived life as his brothers keeper and the protector of his loving fiancé Jeannine. He was beloved by his brothers at IBEW Local 47. Brandon’s strong will and zest for life live on in those who loved him.

Brandon Orozco
2/3/1985 – 9/30/2013

John Thomas Spahn

Known as a true lover of life, John was the energy and light for his family, friends and brother at IBEW Local 66. His loving personality and laughter brought joy to everyone who crossed his path.

John Thomas Spahn
5/23/1991 – 3/21/2021

Jesus Mendoza

Jesus lived his life in dedication to his family and his work with IBEW Local 66. His wife Victoria and children Mila and Luca were his life and his dedication to his family and vocation will live on. Chuy was truly one of a kind.

Jesus Mendoza
10/5/1990 – 6/21/2022

Tino Plantenga

Every team, friend group or family needs a guy like Tino. A glue guy who brings everyone together while living the virtues of humor, kindness and hard work. Tino was a friend and inspiring member of IBEW Local 66.

Tino Plantenga
1/25/1988 – 4/9/2023

Jeremy Kearns

Jeremy loved his children, Khloe, Karter and Kent. He loved fast motors and every second of his work with IBEW Local 1249. His passion and dedication to life and work inspired the creation of the JPK Foundation.

Jeremy P. Kearns
3/17/1988 – 10/30/2018

Hunter Fisk

Known for his love of life, and always the type to find humor in this world, Hunter was beloved by his family and brothers at IBEW Local 47. A non-profit, Hunter’s Heart was formed in his honor by his family.

Hunter Fisk
8/11/2000 – 3/11/2023

Dan Manley

Dan was a long term member of IBEW Local 97 and a lineman for National Grid. Upon his well deserved retirement from National Grid, Dan spent time working with IBEW 1248 and was known for his kindness.

Dan J. Manley
9/24/1948 – 12/8/2024

Ricky Garcia

Father to Kassandra, Victoria, Sophia, Viviana and Bella, Ricky was a loving husband to Yessica. A strong willed United States Marine, Ricky was known by his brothers at IBEW Local 164 for his leadership in tough times.

Ricardo “Ricky” Garcia
8/24/1974 – 3/20/2024

Francis Kiefer

Francis was a devoted husband to Samantha and a loving father to Gracelynn, Mackenzie and Lydia. Known as Fraaaaaaank to his brothers at IBEW Local 126, he was an inspiration to his family and brothers in labor.

Francis Kiefer
9/18/1991 – 10/24/2023

Mark Belanger

Mark was proud of his 22 years of service to IBEW Local 42 in East Windsor, CT. A lifelong resident of East Windsor, Mark was known through his community for his humility and kindness.

Mark Belanger
6/4/1955 – 12/15/2023

Joseph J. Mahon

Joseph was a loving father to his children Winter and Keir. Known for his sarcastic humor, trustworthiness and encouragement for his brother at IBEW Local 42, Joseph left a legacy for his family and all who knew him.

Joseph J. Mahon
4/9/1973 – 9/16/2023

Glenn Lurvey

Beloved by his work brothers at IBEW Local 42, Glenn was known for his love of motorcycles, his family and having fun with his loving wife Pam. Glenn loved casinos, his brothers Jimmy and Wayne and his children.

Glenn Lurvey
4/6/1942 – 2/27/2024

Ross Howard

Ross was the kind of guy who would give you the shirt off his back. Beloved by family, friends and his brothers at IBEW Local 66, Ross loved music, laughing and was a truly beloved person who is greatly missed.

Ross L. Howard
10/10/1992 – 7/11/2018

Robert Englehardt

Robert was a loving father to his children Kari, Wyatt, Caleb and Caden. He loved his wife Amy and was the type of guy who loved having fun with his family and working hard with his brothers at IBEW Local 66.

Robert D. Engelhardt
4/17/1984 – 7/23/2016

Grant Pesak

Grant was known for his loving disposition and his deep level of caring for his children Bryce and Cole. A true role model of dedication to family and his profession, he is missed every day by his brothers with IBEW Local 66.

Grant K. Pesak
2/16/1971 – 12/6/2014

Jarrod B. Wittenben

A 3rd generation linemen who worked with IBEW Local 66, Jarrod was the life of the party and loved all things outdoors. He was a dedicated father and the Jarrod Wittneben Memorial Scholarship was founded in his honor.

Jarrod B. Wittneben
2/26/1979 – 2/1/2013

Eric Anderson

Eric was a creative soul who loved his daughter Brooke, his family and life. Eric was proud of his work with IBEW Local 42, assisting in hurricane and disaster relief. He was known for his caring personality by all.

Eric D. Anderson
4/2/1981 – 6/23/2023

Scott Jaconski

Scott was a proud member of the IBEW Local 42 and dedicated his life to his career as a lineman. He was a mentor and loving father to his children Logan and Hawk. He especially cherished his time with his granddaughter “Miss Livey”.

Scott Jaconski
5/22/1958 – 1/16/2024

Robert Basmajian

Robert was an electrical lineman, working all over the US and Canada for both IBEW Local 1249 and Local 42. He also volunteered as a Constable for the town of Marcy, and spent time at his friends Christmas Tree Farm. He was known for his giving heart.

Robert Basmajian
10/17/1929 – 10/23/2022

Stephen Furkey

A proud father to Stephen and Noah, Stephen loved his dogs, outdoor adventures and the love of his life, Kristi. Stephen loved learning how things worked and it led him to his time with IBEW Local 456. A lover of music and life, Stephen is greatly missed.

Stephen Furkey
10/3/1981 – 5/10/2024

Sean Collins

A spontaneous lover of life, Sean was known by his family, friends and brothers at IBEW Local 3 for his generous spirit. He was the kind of person who would volunteer to help those in need and was a loved member of the Brotherhood.

Sean Collins
5/19/1988 – 2/19/2018

Hugh Chandler

Hugh was a dedicated lineman who loved his family, competing in rodeos and being a thill seeker. He was dedicated to his brothers at IBEW Local 47  but even more so to his nieces and nephew. Hugh was “a hand” who will be forever missed.

Hugh Chandler
6/17/1991 – 12/29/2023

Jonathan Woodruff

Shawn loved his family and he loved his work. He lived his life for his wife Laura, his sons Xander and Jackson and his step-son Noah and step-daughter Madison. A man of faith, Shawn was known by his brothers at IBEW Local 1319 as a family man.

Jonathan “Shawn” Woodruff
7/4/1977 – 12/23/2023

James Bojonny

Bo was a lineman with IBEW Local 1319, but he was so much more. He loved race cars and his family. He loved early morning breakfast and his son James, Daughter Michelle, his grandchildren Derek and Marisa and his best buddy James Jr.

James “Bo” Bojonny
10/2/1949 – 1/30/2024

James Fraser

James was a long time member of IBEW Local 42. He was fiercely proud of his job and held the Brotherhood close to his heart. He was known by his brothers as a hard working lineman who was always there to support his brothers. He is missed.

James D. Fraser
9/17/1938 – 3/7/2023

John Zardecki

Jack was a loved member of IBEW Local 1319. He is greatly missed by his wife Paulette, daughter Laurie, son John II, grandson John III and all of his extended family. He was very proud to be a member of the Brotherhood, known for his work ethic.

John “Jack” Zardecki
7/5/1943 – 1/27/2024

Johnny Kinkade

Johnny lived to smile and laugh. His time with IBEW Local 47 was only a part of his life’s story however. A long term partner to Eileen, Johnny was a true role model to her son Noah. He was known for treating people good no matter how they treated him.

Johnny Kinkade
1/14/1982 – 1/16/2023

Joseph Bonner

Joseph was a lineman who was dedicated deeply to his work with his brothers at IBEW Local 1319. His memory lives on with all those who knew him, worked with him and miss his personality and work ethic. He will never be forgotten by anyone who knew him.

Joseph Bonner

William Slater

William loved painting, cooking and woodworking. His love for his grandchildren, three sons and wife Beverly was well known by his brothers at IBEW Local 1600. A dedicated lineman who served in the US Army from 1964-1967, he is missed.

William R. Slater
6/2/1946 – 9/21/2023

Shane Filkins

Shane was a beautiful soul, dedicated to his family, his long term partner Morgan and his work. He loved the outdoors and was cherished by his brothers at IBEW Local 317 as a hard worker who gave his everything every single day.

Shane Filkins
6/3/1994 – 4/8/2018