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About The NSUJL Rodeo


The NSUJL Rodeo is an annual celebration held to honor those who dedicated and gave their lives to linework. Our organization is a 501(c)3 non-profit who’s mission is to assist the families of Fallen/Injured IBEW Journeymen Linemen, Utility Linemen, Apprentice Linemen, LCTT, Groundmen and Operators. Our yearly rodeo stands as one of our biggest fund-raising events while also celebrating the lives of those lost while also celebrating our common chosen vocation.


The rodeo consists of competitions for lineman in a variety of events, and the lighting of lanterns for those linemen who gave the ultimate sacrifice during their careers. Our rodeo is about camaraderie, fundraising, auctions and games. It’s a time for sponsors, teams, friends and union family to come together in support of our mission.


The lighting of lanterns is the evening highlight of our Climbing for Lost Linemen rodeo. It is a sacred event to celebrate the lives of those who lost and as an event for friends and family to build relationships with other families who share their pain. The focus on the event is sober, yet a memory of life and lifelong connections have been made through this gripping ceremony.


Types of assistance we provide to families of lost linemen includes:

• Financial Assistance: Helps to ease any financial burdens from the point of the accident until Workers Compensation or Insurances payout. This Assistance generally pays anywhere from 0-12 months.

• Physical Assistance: Our fantastic members Nationwide volunteer their time to assist the family directly. This assistance includes late-night phone calls, delivering home-cooked meals, helping with household chores, etc.

• Emotional Assistance: We have a clinically-licensed Therapist who donates sessions to the families for counseling, grieving, etc.

• Sister-to-Sister: NSUJL’s way of connecting women (Sisters) after the tragedy of an on-the-job accident resulting in an injury or fatality. It is our hope and prayer that this will be of great support to those in need as we wholeheartedly feel that moral and emotional care, from ladies who truly understand what you are feeling, is vitally important in the grieving and healing process.

• Scholarships: When age-appropriate, children of fallen linemen may apply for College Scholarships. These Scholarships are renewable every year they attend school.