Our Mission

NSUJL is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting families of fallen or injured IBEW Journeymen Linemen, Utility Linemen, Apprentice Linemen, Groundmen, Operators, LCTT and/or their spouses and minor children. Tax ID #: 45-4670118

At NSUJL, we believe that no brother/sister or their family is to be left behind. With this NSUJL provides an array of services:

We believe in restoring some stability in the lives of our families while they cope with the harsh realities of a work related accident. Our financial support covers basic necessities such as but not limited to: Housing payment, electric, water, heat, food, trash, vehicle, insurance, and transportation and hotel rooms for out of area medical appointments and hospital stays. The average monthly benefit to a family has ranged from $3,000-$5,000. The support we have received through donations and sponsorship’s has made it possible for NSUJL to provide this level of assistance. As more individuals and organizations become aware of our programs the requests for assistance increase. It is only through the growth of our donors and the continued generosity of others, that NSUJL will be able to meet the growing need.

Our fantastic members Nationwide volunteer their time to assist the family directly. This assistance includes late night phone calls, delivering home cooked meals, helping with household chores, etc.

In addition to setting up counseling and other programs for grieving/rehabilitation, NSUJL’s Sister to Sister group is a way of connecting women, Sisters, after the tragedy of an on the job accident resulting in an injury or fatality. It is our prayer that this will be of great support as we whole heartedly feel that moral and emotional support, from ladies who truly understand what you are feeling, is vitally important.

In addition to financial, emotional and physical support, NSUJL also offers support to lineworkers and their families through various programs:

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