Climb for Fallen Linemen

Climbing for Lost Linemen event. It’s where we honor all linemen that passed away from June 2013 to June 2014. We had 23 Brothers that passed away from June 2013 to June 2014 and then we had an additional 10 honorees, 33 total. We put the names on each lantern. Each lantern has its own Brother that has fallen that is being honored. “You have to be more careful, you have to be more meticulous, more careful. I’m here for Rex Ward, he was my husband. He was a Journeyman Lineman for 41 years.  He was with IBEW 611. The accident wasn’t his fault, but that doesn’t make any difference. These guys have to be careful, they have to be well trained, they have to be supported by their Union and by the group around them.” We have a lot of support from Locals all over the country, but this particular event was co-sponsored and co-chaired with Local 126. “You’re in with a group of people who have lost someone in this type of work and you don’t feel so alone. You hate to see that many lanterns get up there – because that shouldn’t be.” It’s the least we can do. These families suffer great loss and extreme devastation after they’ve lost their Brother, their husband, their father. It’s honestly the least we can do. Every year to honor those that gave it all.