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Tramp Lives Matter – Get your shirt today!

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IBEW Local 2,  proudly announce the “TRAMP LIVES MATTER”  t-shirt and hoodie fundraiser!!  It’s a perfect gift for your Holiday shopping! We understand that “Tramp Lives Matter!”  Tramping takes dedication, flexibility, and organization to be constantly traveling across the USA for work.  The adventure is full of campgrounds, hotels, big rigs, laundry mats,  homeschooling,  fires, hurricanes,Read More »Tramp Lives Matter – Get your shirt today!

Mom’s Day Basket

  • by, the average stay at home mom, worked almost 97 hours a week and is deserving of an annual salary of $115,000. Mom’s deserve more credit!  Many TRAMP ( Traveling Roads Across America Maintaining Powerlines) families see each other a few times a year.  The other choice is to travel alongside their family crossing through America. WeRead More »Mom’s Day Basket

2018 Annual Lineman Home Wreath Auction

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NSUJL’s  2018 Annual Lineman Home Wreath Auction was a success which raised $1000! All the proceeds help to support linework families in need. The auction included 11 beautiful wreaths.  The wreaths are pictured below and handmade by NSUJL volunteers & members. There is a wide variety for every season and different occasions!  To order yourRead More »2018 Annual Lineman Home Wreath Auction