2018 Annual Lineman Home Wreath Auction

NSUJL’s  2018 Annual Lineman Home Wreath Auction was a success which raised $1000! All the proceeds help to support linework families in need. The auction included 11 beautiful wreaths.  The wreaths are pictured below and handmade by NSUJL volunteers & members. There is a wide variety for every season and different occasions!  To order your custom wreath please email us: store@nsujl.org or call 570-550-2978.

Please, follow us on Facebook,  if you would like to participate in our next auction. There may be a few wreaths in our upcoming 12 Days of Christmas so keep a watch for the launch of that. The dates will be from December 3rd, 2018 until December 15th, 2018. A very special thank you to everyone who participated in the wreath auction. We truly appreciate your support!!