NECA Convention and Trade Show

2018 NECA Convention and Trade Show at the Philadelphia Convention Center on September 29th to October 2nd. NSUJL is always interested in different venues to bring awareness to the industry.  Thank you NECA 2018 Convention and Trade Show for the special invitation and hospitality. Also,  a special thank you to IBEW Local 1249 for helping us during the convention. President Donald J. Trump attended, He gave a speech towards the end of the convention.  Philadelphia was extremely busy!   National Apprentice Appreciation Day, was on October 1st. The NECA Convention, there were over 2,500 Apprentices and 300 exhibitors in attendance. NSUJL showcased our merchandise and mission which was well received by all. Our top priority here at NSUJL will always be to aid our families that need us and we are grateful to hear from so many of our brothers & sisters that feel the same way. The merchandise we had on hand is available at our online web store. Please, check it out, all proceeds are used to fulfill our mission and continue to aid families in need. We were glad to speak to many companies about the perks of our Corporate Sponsorships, It’s a great way to help! Speak to your company and let them be aware of a membership. For more information, you can download that form here. Please feel free to contact us at or call 570-550-2978 for any additional information and questions. Thank you again to everyone who showed there support at the NECA  2018 Convention and Trade Show. NECA did a great job organizing the event! We hope to attend next year!      ]]>