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Tupperware Fundraiser

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NSUJL is holding a Tupperware fundraiser that began today, April 30th, and will go until May 7th.  25% of all proceeds go directly towards NSUJL and their mission of assisting fallen or injured lineworkers and their families.  Tupperware isn’t just containers for your flour or sugar.  Items also include kitchen utensils, mixing bowls, and much more!

NSUJL is at a time where not only are they continuing to offer assistance to those who have needed it for the past several months, but also taken on new beneficiaries as accidents in the trade has, sadly, increased.  By offering additional benefits to families in need NSUJL needs additional support.  Many local events and fundraisers have been canceled due to the Covid-19 outbreak, so NSUJL is turning to online fundraisers as a way to raise funds while continuing to provide aid when needed.


To support NSUJL while shopping for Tupperware and Partying, please go to NSUJL TUPPERWARE PARTY!!!


NSUJL is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to assisting families of fallen or injured lineworkers.  Support offered can be physical, emotional and/or financial.  NSUJL has helped to pay mortgages, phone bills, electric bills, union dues, etc. – all in an effort to aid the family in focusing 100% on the healing process.