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Communication Notice

Please rest assured that NSUJL is still up and running, following our mission, and helping families in need!!

We are currently transitioning through some staffing changes and as we transition, we are experiencing some technical difficulties. But we will not let this interfere with our mission and we will continue to be there for our families.

The emails to reach us are currently not working. We ask that you use

temporarily while we work to get this issue taken care of.

Thank you for being patient with us as we work through this transition and know we have people working tirelessly to get everything resolved.

Again, as always, we appreciate your support and without you we would not be able to make our mission a reality.

December Updates:

In December we helped 3 families with financial aid. Made sure 40 children with your help had a great Christmas. And for our lineman’s child program sent birthday gifts out to two children who have December birthdays. These numbers do not include the families that we reached out to, offering our support when they need it.  As you can see, due to your support, we were able to be there for those who need us.