NSUJL’s 7th Annual Giving Tree

NSUJL Giving Tree 2019

🎅 Ho! Ho! Ho! 🎅 NSUJL is making their lists and checking them twice.

🎄 It is time for The NSUJL 7th Annual Linefamily Christmas Giving Tree!🎄

👼 Our amazing members and volunteers have stepped up each year, since 2013, to bless other families who have been affected by unfortunate work-related accidents within the trade. It is time to count our blessings and open our hearts to giving.

We have numerous families that could use a Christmas blessing this year. This means, the Giving Tree is in need of 20+ people willing to share some Christmas joy. 👼

🤶🏻Unlike the traditional Christmas lists everyone is automatically on the “Nice” list. It is up to you to choose which other list is right for you.🤶🏻

Please contact us if:

🎅You are or know of a family who was affected by a work related tragedy please reach out to get signed up on the Linefamily Christmas Blessing list.

🎄You would like to be added to our Linefamily Christmas Santa Shopper list.

❄️You would like to donate (but not shop) the Linefamily Christmas Hope list is for you! Please make your donation to: http://bit.ly/hope_donations. Don’t forget to select “Giving Tree” from the drop-down list!

The deadline to sign up for the Linefamily Christmas Giving Tree is Friday, November 22. This will allow Hope donations to be collected and Santa Shoppers to have their families assigned in time for Black Friday.

Let the joy of Christmas begin!

Contact us at (570) 550-2978 or info@nsujl.org to sign up!