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Members/State Reps Needed!

Become an NSUJL Member!

The NSUJL is actively looking for members.  By becoming an NSUJL member you receive voting rights and exclusive discounts at line-related shops.  But the biggest perk?  Knowing you are helping families in need, each and every day!

It’s inexpensive to become a member, and the NSUJL has many different membership levels.  For more information and to join:

Become an NSUJL State Rep!

Once you become an NSUJL Member you have the opportunity to become a State Representative.  State Reps assist the NSUJL by going above and beyond the call of duty.  They enable the NSUJL to have a source locally for a line-family that may be in need.  When an accident occurs, oftentimes the State Reps are called upon to assist the family directly. This can be something as simple as a phone call to the family, to let them know someone local cares and can help. State Reps are also familiar with the local union(s) in the area and are able to inform the NSUJL with updates or changes when accidents occur.

State Reps also represent the NSUJL at local events and fundraisers. These events may include local IBEW board meetings and local lineworker rodeos.  The NSUJL will provide you with all necessary materials you need to be successful at any of these events!

If you are interested in becoming a State Rep with the NSUJL, please contact Rae at [email protected] or Sarah at [email protected] .  These ladies will help you and answer any questions you may have.