Giving Tree

NSUJL Giving Tree

NSUJL’s annual Line-Family Giving Tree program is available to line-families who have been affected by the injury or death of a parent due to a work-related accident in the line industry.


Since 2013, NSUJL’s amazing members, supporters and volunteers have come together to help provide for their brothers and sisters in need during the holidays.

In November of every year, NSUJL contacts the families of those we’ve assisted recently and ask if they are in need of some help with Santa’s duties. The families then create wish lists and our fabulous members nationwide are assigned to the lists (just in time for Black Friday!) and secret shop for the families. Our members truly enjoy giving to the families that need them during the holiday season.


This post is a giant thank you to the NSUJL for making Christmas possible for our kids! What a year it has been! Our worlds have all changed so much & your organization has helped make this journey a little bit easier. You have provided us a home to live in, food on our table, and you continue to bless us with an abundance of gifts for our kids! We are forever grateful for all you do for us! If anyone is ever looking for a non-profit charity they would like to donate to, the National Sisterhood United for Journeyman Lineman is an organization helping care for families of injured or fallen linemen. They help sustain families just like ours. Truly a blessing to so many! A testament of God’s faithfulness to provide, every need. We are so blessed! Merry Christmas everyone! Happy Birthday Jesus!” – Heather Escalante

NSUJL Heather Escalante Giving Tree Testimonial