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Donations / Covid-19

These days it seems the entire world is at a stand-still.  Many families are struggling and adapting to new lifestyles – whether it be the task of now working from home, homeschooling children, the stresses of being laid-off or furloughed and being in your home 24/7.  There are also many families that have an essential employee as part of their lives, and they now struggle with the fact that their parent, child or other loved one is on the front-lines putting themselves at risk to continue to provide services.  While most of the NSUJL community is aware of the inherent dangers that lineworkers face every day, this is a new danger and one that many are still unfamiliar with.

In addition to always wearing proper safety equipment, NSUJL reminds all lineworkers to also wash/sanitize hands frequently.  If sick, or experiencing symptoms similar to COVID-19, to stay home and self-quarantine to keep those around you safe.  It is also strongly recommended, and in some areas of the country mandatory, to wear a face-covering or mask when in public.  This is to not only protect you but also those around you.  The CDC, state and national government have been working tirelessly around the clock in order to help “flatten the curve” in an effort to reduce the number of projected deaths that could occur from this pandemic.  NSUJL strongly advises that all of these regulations and rules be closely followed in order to help do so and return life to normal as soon as possible.

NSUJL has not shut down, as mentioned in a previous post, but is working remotely from the homes of the NSUJL staff members.  Our beneficiaries are still receiving their monthly assistance and NSUJL is still providing emotional support to those in need as well.  This is a very important time to remain open and involved, as more of our beneficiaries and their families are now facing more difficult challenges ahead.  Many insurance companies are closed and/or working with limited staff, so any claims that are currently open may experience significant delays in them receiving insurance or monetary payouts.  If workers are awaiting unemployment hearings or workers’ compensation hearings, chances are those have been postponed as well.  This is why it is vital that NSUJL continue to function without missing a beat, as no family will be left behind or forgotten during this time.

NSUJL knows that a lot of donations will be going to organizations geared towards doctors, nurses and other “essential first-responders” at the time of this pandemic – and we understand that.  However NSUJL would like to remind everyone that without our lineworkers, we would not have power – a NECESSITY not just for those working from home or to keep the kids occupied during the day – but for sustaining those on ventilators and in creating make-shift hospitals and even morgues across the nation.  This story comes from Click On Detroit as local New York City IBEW 3 recounts the daunting task of setting up a temporary morgue

Please consider donating to NSUJL at this time as they continue to work with families in need who are continuing to help keep this country powered-on.  NSUJL also has recently launched a fundraiser of “Buy One – Give One” where for every bandana you purchase for yourself, we will send one to a lineworker in need of a face-covering to help keep himself, his co-workers, and his family safe.

Stay tuned to the NSUJL Blog, Website and Social Media for more updates.  Also, please share with us the stories of GOOD, and how the IBEW is helping, during this challenging time.  Email [email protected] and we will be sure to feature your good news on social media and/or even make it a blog post.  Thank you!