Yankee Candle Fundraiser

Candle Fundraiser Starts TODAY!
NSUJL’s Yankee Candle Fundraiser starts today! We are so excited for this fundraiser and are counting on everyone for it to be a success. 40% of every sale is given back to the NSUJL.
Yankee candles are well known and should sell themselves. They are the same price as in the stores. They make great gifts and make sure to check out the holiday scents. Please tell your family and friends because all of us can help.
We are asking for participation to help us with our mission. This year we have assisted with $58,000 given to the families who need our help and by end of the year we will be looking at $80,000. These fundraisers help sustain our organization and benefit the families that we serve.
Available online at www.yankeecandlefundraising.com  using group number 990043668. 
The sale starts 10/1/2015 and ends 10/23/2015