PPL Corporation Safety Forums

Thank you to PPL Corporation for inviting the National Sisterhood United for Journeymen Linemen to speak at your Safety Forums held in Lewisburg, Bethlehem and Dickson City over the past month.  NSUJL enjoyed the opportunity to educate PPL Corporation about NSUJL’s mission; speaking to them about the importance of safety and also sharing with them the I.B.E.W. Power Hour Video that was produced showcasing the 2019 NSUJL Benefit Rodeo and Climbing for Lost Linemen Ceremony.

Meeting the lineworkers was a great opportunity, and NSUJL welcomed several new members throughout the duration of the month.  They also were able to distribute t-shirts, calendars, and planners to those in attendance as a thank-you and to help generate additional awareness about NSUJL.

NSUJL enjoys the opportunity to participate in various events, not just in Pennsylvania but throughout the country.  If your organization or company would be interested in having NSUJL participate in your event, either as a speaker or vendor, please email info@nsujl.org.

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