NSUJL Holds First Board meeting

The National Sisterhood United for Journeymen Linemen (NSUJL) is very proud to announce they have held their first official Board of Directors meeting.  It hasn’t taken long for what was once a group of supportive Journeymen Linemen’s wives to come together and take their idea of support to the highest level.  Women from all over the country have joined together to form a Non-profit Organization that will offer support to Journeymen Linemen and their families that have been injured or lost their lives while on the job. With their Mission Statement “National Sisterhood United for Journeymen Linemen (NSUJL), a non-profit organization, is dedicated to serving I.B.E.W. Linemen and/or their spouses and children. It’s NSUJL’s mission to provide emergency financial, emotional and physical assistance, in cases of work related injuries or death,” the NSUJL make it very clear who they are and what they support. NSUJL’s Board of Directors consists of Journeymen Linemen’s wives from across the United States. With designated State Representatives working closely with all of the Regional Directors, the NSUJL is sure they will be able to stay abreast of what is happening in the field and be there for any Journeymen Linemen and their family quickly, when support is most crucial. Rae Johnson, President of the NSUJL, stated ” With our help and support these families will able to regain some stability and control back in their lives and future.” If you would like to offer your support, please visit the official NSUJL website.  There you will not only find wonderful stories of the women behind this wonderful Organization and the families they have helped, but also how you yourself can help.