NSUJL Kicks Off a Year full of Engagements with the OBM Meeting in the Keys

Kicks Off a Year full of Engagements with the OBM Meeting in the Keys

National Sisterhood United for Journeymen Linemen started a year full of speaking engagements with their first OBM Meeting in the Florida Keys. Terry Riffe, South East Regional Director, along with President Rae Johnson, were the Guest Speakers at the first OBM meeting of 2014. It was a wonderful opportunity for NSUJL to start what will be a year full of speaking engagements across the country. It couldn’t have been a more amazing setting to kick things off! With much of the country suffering through what has been one of the worst winters in memory, we were lucky enough to be spending a couple of days in the beautiful, sunny Florida Keys.  Located just south of Long Key is Duck Key. Crystal clear water, balmy temperatures and blue skies as far as the eye can see. With many Associate Members present, one of the main goals of the Sisterhood at an OBM meeting is to keep everyone updated on the happenings of NSUJL. We update the current number of families that are receiving assistance, memberships and any changes that would be considered significant in the Organization. This is also an opportunity for NSUJL to spread the word of what events we have coming up. Our Directors were able to speak of the upcoming annual events for NSUJL. These included our 2nd Annual Linemen’s Benefit Rodeo3rd Annual Climb for Lost Linemenand our 3rd Annual NSUJL Benefit Golf Tournament. We look forward to our upcoming engagements. We can’t thank the OBM enough for giving us this opportunity and for the support they have shown us over the years.