Help Celebrate NSUJL turning 8!

It all started 8 years ago when a group of linewives were talking about forming a group to help support the family of a fallen lineman.  Little did they know that with the creation of a Facebook page, it was also the start of NSUJL.

Now 8 short years later, NSUJL has continued to grow and provide support –  not just to IBEW linemen, but also IBEW utility linemen, IBEW apprentice linemen, IBEW groundmen and IBEW operators.  Assistance they provide is not just financial and although they are always ready to send a check to a brother or sister in need, they also are ready to provide physical and emotional assistance.  This includes helping with household tasks such as babysitting or cooking, driving to doctor’s appointments or just being there to lend an ear if someone is having a tough time.

NSUJL has also developed programs specifically to help the families of fallen linemen over the past 8 years.  This year alone NSUJL was able to provide gifts to nearly 30 children with The Giving Tree program and they also implemented ‘A Lineman’s Child’ donation program which goes directly to providing birthday gifts for children and even sends them to summer camps and programs.  NSUJL has also had the ability to partner with several local stores in order to receive donations for these programs which has not only helped families in need, but also helped to strengthen NSUJL’s relationship within the local community.

On January 26th NSUJL will be celebrating their 8th year of service to lineworkers and their families.  To help celebrate this occasion two gift baskets have been put together with some fun gift cards and NSUJL swag that will be given away on the 26th through a drawing on Facebook Live!  In order to participate and be entered to win, please go to and donate $26.00 to NSUJL!  THAT’S IT!  And you could win a basket that is valued at over $200!  Every little bit helps support the mission of NSUJL and $26.00 could mean an infant, who recently lost their parent, will have diapers for the month, or it could also cover the cost of transportation to and from a therapy appointment for an injured lineworker.  Every dollar helps support NSUJL’s mission of assisting families of Fallen/Injured Lineworkers and NSUJL could not do it without the generosity of loyal supporters like you!

GOOD LUCK and, as always, Thank You for your continued support.  NSUJL wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for all of the support received from everyone over the past 8 years, and each and every one of you are very much appreciated!