Covid-19/NSUJL Update

Greetings, Friends:

Due to the mandated closure of all non-essential businesses in PA, our physical location in Mountain Top will be closed.  NSUJL WILL NOT CLOSE.  Just those 4 walls.  As always, Rae is available 24/7 at the NSUJL Hotline: 570-Five-Five-Zero-2978.  All of our emails are still functioning and we will continue to aid our families as normal.  NO ONE WILL LOSE THEIR FUNDING or AID at this time!  We are here for you now, more than ever.  We realize it’s a difficult time for the entire United States – and across the globe – and we want to ensure you we are not going anywhere.

The Climbing for Lost Linemen Ceremony and Rodeo are not canceled, or even a factor at this point. If the quarantine is still in effect May 1st, we will reevaluate and look to postpone at that time.

The wellness and safety of our employees, supporters, donors, and beneficiaries are always our top priority. We wish all of you the best of health in the coming days.  Stay safe, stay well, and stay positive.

Thank you!

-Rae & the team at NSUJL


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