Climbing for Lost Linemen – August 15th

Climbing for Lost Linemen Ceremony

Every June, the NSUJL holds a ceremony, called Climbing for Lost Linemen, to honor fallen lineworkers in Clearfield, PA on the eve before their annual lineworkers’ rodeo.  This year the rodeo was canceled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.  However, the Climbing for Lost Lineman Ceremony has been rescheduled for August 15th at 6PM.  Normally a public event, this year the NSUJL is doing things differently to keep things safe for employees and the families of those they honor.  Therefore the event is private and by invite only – for the families and friends of lost lineworkers only.

New Date

This year the NSUJL will be holding the ceremony on their newly acquired property in Freeland, PA.  With the generous help of volunteers from PP&L work on the property has begun in an effort to have it cleaned up by August 15th for the ceremony.

The new NSUJL property is 555 Foster Ave., Freeland PA.  Conveniently located 5-minutes off of Rte. 80, this location is easy to get to.  This property will also one day serve as the site for a monument to honor Fallen Lineworkers.

For more information on the event please contact Rae Johnson at .