Clean-Up at New NSUJL Property

NSUJL Property Clean-Up:

Over the past few weeks, the NSUJL has had some amazing volunteers visit the new property located at 555 Foster Ave., Freeland PA.  These folks have been so kind and brush-hogged the entire property.  They have also helped to remove debris that had been accumulating over the past few years that the property has been vacant.

Legacy for Lineworkers: 

The NSUJL is excited to begin work on the property.  Last week the surveyor came out to begin the process of laying out the grounds.  This will give the NSUJL an idea of where the National Monument to honor fallen lineworkers will be.  On-site there will also be the headquarters, parking, and rodeo/event grounds.  The NSUJL is also looking forward to holding additional events on the grounds and is planning on having pavilions and a camping area on-site as well!

How You Can Help:

For more information on how you can help with the NSUJL National Monument to Honor Fallen Lineworkers, please email