Dedication to power linemen

Power Linemen are one of the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the country. Although millions of people depend on power every day, very few actually consider how the electricity gets to their homes. This is a dedication to those men and women who risk their lives daily to provide us all with Electricity. NSUJL[…]

Our President, Terry Riffe, was recently invited to speak  at a conference for  Service Electric Company, in sunny Florida. It’s often overwhelming to speak with people in the industry who genuinely believe in our Mission. The honorable people of Service Electric became our Sponsors that day. They will forever hold a special place in our[…]

What a great honor that our Secretary/North-Central Director, Amanda Wilson, was interviewed by IBEW Hour Power! How cool! Thank You Pat Lavin, Matthew Walton, Amanda Wilson and all of the IBEW for your support!  

Fallen Linemen Tribute Video

The Sisterhood, NSUJL, offers families much more than financial assistance ” We have found that after an accident or fatality, the wives of these brave men are left feeling (among other things) lost, confused, and brokenhearted,” says Jessica Lackey, Vice President of the NSUJL. Mrs. Lackey goes on to say, ” I started collaborating last[…]

Nashville, Tenn., Local 429 journeyman lineman Joey Taylor answered the call when the June 2012 derecho tore an 800-mile hole through the power grid, from Iowa to Virginia. Millions lost power and Taylor was one of the many IBEW members working the cleanup, where he was fatally electrocuted. “He loved everything about this job,” said[…]

NSUJL Linemen’s Benefit Rodeo L.U. 459, JOHNSTOWN, PA — Local 459 members Thomas Zimmerman, Jason Halverson and Jeremy Tarbay out of Somerset, PA, competed at the NSUJL Linemen’s Benefit Rodeo in Claysburg, PA, on June 1. The NSUJL (National Sisterhood United for Journeyman Linemen) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing assistance to families of[…]

Written By: Terry Bellew Do any of us know what it is about certain things that draw us in? Whether it be a person, event or an idea, what is it, particularly, that makes us act. I am not talking angrily, I mean in a positive way. Why is it that that homeless guy at[…]