Annual 12 Days of Christmas


NSUJL holds their Annual 12 days of Christmas fundraiser

Dec 7th through the 18th 2021

NSUJL was overjoyed to be able to celebrate 12 amazing days of Christmas this year! We were so grateful for the generosity of our incredible sponsors. Thank you Bashlin, LineCrate, Tyndale, Farwest, Milwaukee Tool, Linemen’s Supply, Klein Tools, Yeti, and Buck.

Incredibly, we raised $6,365.00 for families!!! Thank you all so very, very much.

Day 1 - Seasonal Wreaths

The first day started with ten handmade Christmas/ Winter being auctioned off. These wreaths were made out of stunning deco of assorted styles. Themes ranged from Patriotic, to Americana to your classic Christmas and Fall. 

Congrats to our lucky winners:

Scott Pendergast, Deanna Pevey, and Sue Pomerleau.

Day 2- Dinner & A Movie basket

On Day 2 of our 12 Days of Christmas, we auctioned off a Dinner & a Movie basket which had a value of over $150!

This basket Included gift cards to Applebee’s, Red Lobster, Texas Roadhouse, and Fandango. It also included delicious goodies like Mike & Ikes, Junior Mints, Milk Duds, Peanut M&Ms, Act 2 butterlovers popcorn, and Pistachios!

Congrats to our lucky winner:

Jodi Henry

Day 3- Bashlin DL11DC bag

For our third day, Bashlin donated one of their DL11DC Series: Wheeled “Drag” Bag. It came with double and triple thick sweatshirts. Plus, two outside pockets for incidentals or personal items.  Here are some features: constructed from durable coated polyester (24″X19″X11″), hard plastic bottom & nylon web handles, flap to cover the opening when exposed to weather, two outside pockets, connected to wheels w/ an extendable handle.

Congrats to our lucky winner:

Heather Escalante

Day 4- LineCrate

Next, for the fourth day, Linecrate provided us with an outstanding and completely unique prize pack that even a non lineworker could have appreciated!

The package included: Lineman, LineLady & LineKid Storm Season Loungewear, pillow cover; holiday ornaments; Grinch Lineman, Grinch LineKid & LinePup stockings; leather patch beanie and scarf set; necklace and earring set; Stainless Steel Mason jar cup; light switch cover;University backpack; Light Up the World book-Just released by Sarah Reijonen; Storm Soldier Duffle; Storm Adventures USA map removable wall decal with lightning bolt markers; and so much more!

Congrats to our lucky winner:

Trey Gillespie

Day 5 Tyndale USA

For day 5 of our 12 days of Christmas, Tyndale donated their super comfy Versa 3 Button Sweatshirt w/Hood (Product Features • 13 oz. Moisture-wicking and fast drying for comfort•  NFPA 2112 Compliant• Arc Rating: 23 / CAT 2) and the Classic Full-Zip Micro Fleece Sweatshirt (Product Features • Full-length zipper extends through a stand-up collar for soft warmth and protection• Micro Fleece is smooth, wicks moisture, dries quickly and warms up any chilly day• Arc Rating: 23 / CAT 2• NFPA 2112 Compliant) Both proudly made in the USA by Tyndale!!

Congrats to our lucky winner:

Steve Piech

Day 6- Farwest line

Then for Day 6 of our 12 days of Christmas was something everyone was anticipating, Farwest Line Specialties! Here is what was included in this gift, Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hex Utility Impact Wrench with one-key; Milwaukee 12PT 9/16″x 3/4 2-in-1 socket; Klein Tools Limited run Fallen Linemen Tribute knife; Carhartt Stocking; Carhartt Black Beanie; Klein Jobsite Speaker; Klein Tools zip nut Bags (2); Speedy Sharp; and 4-n-1 bug wrench

Congrats to our lucky winner:

Heather Escalante

Day 7- Milwaukee Tool

Day7 of 12 days of Christmas

For our seventh day of our 12 days of Christmas Milwaukee Tool provided us with the most amazing tool set! The 2999 – 22 M18™ FUEL™ 2-tool Combo kit is the highest performing hammer drill and hydraulic driver Combo kit on the market. Included is the M18™ FUEL™ SURGE™ 1/4 in. Hex hydraulic driver (2760-20)

Congrats to our lucky winner:

Sue Pomerleau

Day 8- Linemen's Supply

Day8 of 12 days of Christmas

On our eighth day of our 12 Days of Christmas is this amazing tool package from Linemen’s Supply valued at $900! Included:  Buck 4500YG9M2P8 13 Pocket Hi-Vis Tool Apron with Hot Stick Holder; Buck 4510 BuckEye Bucket Hooks; Buck 4510GT BuckEye Bucket Hook w/ Gate and Tool Tether; Buck 7091G Hi-Vis Skinning Knife; Buck Trucker Hat; Hastings HV-208 8’ Tele-Pole; and much more!

Congrats to our lucky winners:

Steve Piech and Sue Pomerleau

Day 9- Klein Tools


On the 9th Day of 12 Days of Christmas, donated by Klein Tools were three gift bundles of Klein Tools goodies which Included: Bluetooth speaker with magnet and hook; Klein Tools Tumbler; Klein Tools stand up nut/zipper bags; Klein Tools Heavy knit beanie (in black); Klein Tools Knit Beanie with hi vis line; Klein Tools Rechargeable waterproof pocket flashlight; Klein Tools 6 pack coasters; Klein Tools decals and Keychains.

Congrats to our lucky winners:

Nathan Wilson, Heather Escalante and Jessica Wolgast

Day 10- Self Care

Day 10 of our Twelve Days of Christmas fundraiser included his and her self-care products packaged in Bashlin bags! They were valued at $300 each! Such an amazing gift to have received for you and your loved one.

Congrats to our lucky winners:

Steve Piech and Maria Randall

Day 11- Yeti Coolers

On the 11th Day of our 12 Days of Christmas we had two Yeti’s that were valued at $400. The winner received: 1 Charcoal Hopper Flip 12 AND 1 Camino 35 in Coral Reef.

Congrats to our lucky winner:

Heather Escalante

Day 12- Buckingham

Day12 of 12 days of Christmas

Finally, we ended our 12 days of Christmas with a bang with the launch of the FIRST EVER AMERICAN FLAG HYDRO DIPPED HOOKS!!! What’s more American than Buckingham and being a Lineman? Nothing!

Congrats to our lucky winner:

Michael Konstantellis