Welcome Alexis!

Please join NSUJL in welcoming Alexis (Lexi) Johnson, daughter of IBEW Journeyman Lineman Tom Johnson and NSUJL President Rae Johnson, as the new NSUJL Office Manager.  In Lexi’s new role, she will be managing the Lineman’s Child Program, coordinating and distributing donations received, fulfilling orders from the NSUJL store, maintaining the inventory of store items and donations, helping to solicit donations and procure new sponsors in addition to day-to-day office tasks.  Lexi comes to NSUJL with several years of experience in office management, in addition to volunteering with NSUJL since she was a teenager.

NSUJL’s mission is near and dear to Lexi, and being the daughter of a lineman she has the fear of him never returning home each and every day. NSUJL asked Lexi about when her Mom founded NSUJL, and this is what she had to say:

“I was in 11th grade when Mom told us about a string of accidents at the time, and how she hoped to help, but there was no way of doing so. Within a few days, she was spending a lot of time on the computer and ‘How To’ books were all over the house. A few months later and we were getting T-Shirts and stickers delivered, trying to create an organization in our living room. That was it. My mother and a small group of people had made the first-ever organization for US – You and I – Union Line Workers and their loved ones.  I remember the first time we did a fundraiser order; I hadn’t been all that involved yet. Mom was stressing and a little overwhelmed with it, so I asked to help. She was pretty hesitant to hand over the shipping process, as I was 16 years old and not exactly the ideal office assistant, but we managed! I’ve always said I was raised with the organization, and it’s the truth!”

NSUJL is excited to have someone who is so close to the organization on staff.  Being the child of a lineman, Lexi understands the severity and gravity of a situation when the phone rings in regard to an incident.  “As I heard more accident stories it became all too real for me. Helping families feels so good, but sometimes touching so many people in such a tight-knit community makes you realize it has no ‘type’ of person, no reason, no sins make the danger greater… It can be anyone.  Anytime.  Any place.  Any simple mistake made by even the best of workers can take a life.”

Please help us welcome Lexi to the team!  She will be at events such as the NSUJL Rodeo, IBEW Conferences and much more!