A Lineman’s Child

NSUJL A Lineman's Child

Sponsor a disabled or fallen IBEW power lineworker’s child with NSUJL’s newest program, A Lineman’s Child.

A permanent injury or loss within a family will change a child’s life forever. Children may struggle with many confusing emotions after a life-changing event, cycling through feelings such as sadness, anger, guilt, fear and worry. In many situations, these children will grow up too quickly; their young minds must deal with emotional stress and trauma after a shocking change.

Depending on the child’s age, stress from a traumatic event may manifest itself in various ways, such as clinginess, problems in school, lack of focus, withdrawing from loved ones, depression and anxiety about their future. Some children will even display physical symptoms of stress, such as headaches and stomachaches. No matter how stress appears, children of ALL ages are affected – even infants can recognize when a caretaker is no longer around to comfort them.

Our line community has too many children who are all too familiar with this crushing grief. NSUJL started A Lineman’s Child in response to the needs of the line kids whose lives have been forever changed due to work accidents. These children and their families often deal with unplanned financial stress in the weeks, months and years afterward. The best thing for a child’s health and well-being after a huge life change is simply getting them back to a regular routine. So, along with NSUJL’s usual forms of assistance for line families, we now have a program specific to our kids, making sure they have the extra support and attention they need.

Giving Levels

Through A Lineman’s Child, NSUJL will provide birthday gifts for children of permanently disabled or fallen power lineworkers. Children may have a harder time during holidays and special events, such as their birthday. Struggling families may be unable to purchase birthday gifts for their children. For $10/month, you can help one child over 13, or two children under 13, receive birthday gifts.

Also through this program, NSUJL can send these children to a camp of their choice. Summer camps can be expensive, but it’s a great way for a kid to make childhood memories and cope with their stress over life changes. For children who are struggling with the grieving process, we can also help parents choose a camp that will help with their child’s specific needs. For $50/month, you can help one child receive the aforementioned birthday gifts, as well as attend a camp that suits their individual needs or desires.

We want to help our line kids be kids after a life-changing accident. Donate to A Lineman’s Child today.

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