Legacy for Lineworkers

Planning a National Monument is no easy feat, but the National Sisterhood United for Journeymen Linemen has done just that. Creating a space that would not only represent lineworkers who have given the ultimate sacrifice, but also be one of comfort and peace to those they have left behind. With the help of DesignBlendz, based out of Philadelphia, PA, NSUJL has been able to provide you with this first glimpse of what has been conceptualized for this National Memorial honoring fallen lineworkers.

This project will be primarily funded by donors through the 2020/21 Capital Campaign that was launched in May of 2020. With the plans to raise $1 Million Dollars in funds, NSUJL will be able to not only erect a National Monument fit to honor those loved and lost – but also a National Headquarters and event grounds.

Currently, the NSUJL is housed in less than 1,000 square feet, in addition to three storage facilities throughout Pennsylvania. By having the National Headquarters on-site of the National Monument, NSUJL will be able to consolidate into one location and also accommodate growth – which they are unable to do now. NSUJL plans to accomplish this within a 3-Phase Process throughout the next two years.

Below you will find individual sponsorship opportunities for the National Monument to Honor Fallen Lineworkers.  For corporate and/or business sponsorship opportunities, please contact info@nsujl.org.

Set Up a Zoom or In-Person Meeting Regarding Capital Campaign with NSUJL

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NSUJL will answer any questions you may have in regards to our Capital Campaign and how you can help us achieve our dream of a National Monument to honor Fallen Lineworkers. We can set up the meeting virtually, through Zoom, or in-person. Thank you for your interest!