With National Lineman Appreciation Day approaching later this month, Klein made donations to NSUJL who provides aid and assistance to the families of fallen linemen. “160 years ago, my great, great, great grandfather, Mathias Klein, started Klein Tools after a telegraph lineman needed his pliers repaired. Since then, we have been providing linemen with high-quality tools[…]

Linejunk 20/20/20

TO HONOR OUR FALLEN 20 Pushups a day for 20 days You donate $20 to NSUJL – The non-profit to assist families in times of accidents https://nsujl.org/donation/linejunk-202020/ We send you a $20 gift certificate to our store Rules are: you do push-ups, post a video, make the donation, email us with your address @ contact@linejunk.com,[…]

We are continually growing. We recently expanded our mission to include I.B.E.W. Line Clearance Tree Trimmers. We are grateful for the generous funding pledges from Locals 47, 53 and 659. To support this sizable classification at N.S.U.J.L. standards, additional resources and a LCTT delegate to join our board of directors are needed. Please contact Rachel[…]

What is #GivingTuesday? Since 2012, this global day of giving following Black Friday and Cyber Monday has encouraged people around the world to contribute to nonprofits and help kick off the giving season by spreading the word across social media channels. This year we’re offering a few giving opportunities! On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you[…]

The Sisterhood would like to wish the Brotherhood a very Happy 125th Anniversary! On this monumental day in 1891, Henry Miller and 9 of his Brothers organized what we know today as the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, I.B.E.W.

Don’t waste another minute! Start your Christmas shopping today with N.S.U.J.L.’s one-of-a-kind NEW products! First, we have fine leather toiletry bags, hand crafted in Kingston, PA. You will get many years out of these beauties. These amazing bags are made of 100% American Buffalo Leather with a copper zipper closure. The size is perfect; large[…]

Monday, October 31, 2016 Thanks for checking out IBEW Local 1249 1st Annual Grow a Beard for a brother Competition Who wants to be crowned “Best Beard” in 1249? 1249 is holding a contest this fall from October 31st – December 1st to raise money for the NSUJL. If you are not aware of this[…]

Upon invitation, I, Kristy Piccolotti and Alexis Johnson traveled to St. Louis to represent the N.S.U.J.L. at the 39th Annual IBEW International Convention, celebrating it’s remarkable 125 year history. “This convention is the most important gathering of the IBEW and fulfills the mandate in our Constitution to choose our leaders, set and confirm our policies[…]

It’s overwhelming. When I had to make the banner and there was over 33 guys to put on it – it takes you back. It’s sad. Tonight is our Climbing for Lost Linemen event. It’s where we honor all linemen that passed away from June 2013 to June 2014. We had 23 Brothers that passed[…]