Lineman Sisterhood heads to Rodeos

NSUJL, is making their way to Rodeos. Their first appearance was at IBEW Local 702 in Duquin, IL on April 21st. What a Great time. Local 702 was extremely accommodating and very supportive. Thank YOU!!! It’s extremely important to NSUJL to keep a good standing relationship with all IBEW locals across the country. Power Linemen, Linemen Rodeo, National Sisterhood United for Linemen In addition to the Rodeo. NSUJL announced their Vacation Sweepstakes winner. They ran the fundraiser from April 21st to April 21st and Lucky 2nd Step Apprentice, Andy Jones was our winner. He was extremely excited and grateful. Thank you all for everyone that took part. Linemen Rodeo, National Sisterhood, United for Linemen]]>