On January 26th, 2020, NSUJL celebrated their 8th birthday, and today (January 27th) we went LIVE on Facebook with a video updating everyone on all of the exciting things that National Sisterhood United for Journeymen Linemen has coming up!  If you missed it, you can watch it on our Facebook page.

We also picked our two winners of our birthday fundraiser!  We raised over $400 through this fundraiser – and Susan P. and Katy S. were our two lucky winners of some NSUJL swag and $150 worth of gift cards to various retailers!  Congratulations and Thank You for all of your support!

To celebrate we have 8 facts about NSUJL for you!

  1. The first donation we ever received from a Local was from IBEW Local 222 in Florida. A copy of this check hangs in Rae’s office still today.
  2. We received our letter of Endorsement from IBEW President Edwin D. Hill just 10 months after formation.
  3. NSUJL Welcomed their first Male board member, Journeyman Lineman Ed Mings to their board in March of 2013, 14 months after formation. Shortly followed by Bob Stuart, Kevin Peterson and most recently, Tiler Eaton. We remain honored still today to have such amazing brothers apart of the team at NSUJL both as members and directors/officers.
  4. NSUJL formed on 1-26-12. JP, who was tragically killed on 1-16-12, was the fatality that started the discussions about fundraising for families. Our founder’s home local is… 126. Our first office address was… 216. Things that make you go hmmmm.
  5. NSUJL made many major decisions during the first 3 months of inception. 1 of those was whether or not to be a membership organization. We voted on and chose to be a membership organization for many reasons but mostly to allow anyone within the organization to have the right to vote on major decisions as well as allowing members to run for director and officer positions. We hold an election every year, staggering the positions, which then serve for a 3-year term.
  6. While several names were polled to be voted on as the first-ever nonprofit for linemen was being formed, NSUJL ultimately took the most votes. However, we quickly became known as “The Sisterhood” or “The Sisterhood of Linemen”. Do not let the name fool you, many of you may be surprised to know that the majority of our membership is actually brothers.
  7. The idea of having a lineman’s rodeo was actually brought to us by Bashlin Industries. They set up the first year and donated clipboards and stopwatches. We then moved the rodeo to Clearfield after IBEW Local Union 126 helped us obtain property to use and brought in a ton of help. Thank you both! This remains the largest fundraiser we hold all year. www.nsujlrodeo.com
  8. NSUJL was founded on the principle that no brother or sister was to be left behind. The brotherhood has passed the hat for these families for decades. What happens 3 months down the road, 6 months down the road, a year later, e.t.c. Our aid is immediate and covers emotional, physical and financial needs. We make sure our families have what they need to cover ALL of their necessities. So they can focus on what’s important… healing. Our ability to do so depends on your support, and we thank you for that. Be Safe & God Bless.