What are Power Linemen?

Power Linemen are people that work on, restore and maintain high voltage electric lines. In doing so, they risk their lives daily to provide us all with electricity.

What is a Journeyman Lineman

A Journeyman is a Linemen who has completed a 4 year training program and has been registered with the Department of Labor as qualified to work on power lines

What is an Apprentice Linemen?

An Apprentice Lineman is an individual who is currently in training to become a Journeyman. The training involves 3 years of Book work, 7,000 hrs of on the job training in all areas of outside electrical construction, Classroom Instruction, Safety training on weekends and basically takes up 3-4 years of their life.

When did NSUJL start?

NSUJL formed in January of 2012 and became the first 501(c)(3) to assist families of fallen or injured IBEW workers. Still today, NSUJL remains the only 501(c)(3) that assists families with all of their monthly necessities for up to 12 months or when the family is able to provide for themselves.

Why did NSUJL start?

NSUJL began in early 2012 for many reasons. The largest being to provide financial relief for spouses and children of fallen lineworkers. Halls have passed the hat for years. What happens after 90 days have gone by or 120 days since the accident, or when that child intends to pursue higher education. This is where NSUJL makes a difference. We support these families and provide for their needs while they deal with the harsh legalities which can take weeks, months and sometimes years to straighten out. Imagine loosing your spouse and then within 3 months, face loosing your home, vehicles and stability for your children? More than just financial, we also provide them with the tools to continue on their own.

What kind of services do you provide?

Each case is treated on an individual basis. Our financial support covers basic necessities such as but not limited to: Housing payment, electric, water, heat, food, trash, vehicle, insurance, as well as transportation and hotel rooms for out of area medical appointments and hospital stays. Some additional services we provide include: Counseling, Physical help, Scholarships, Giving Tree, etc. Our main focus is not limited to what our services are but rather what the families individual needs are.

Is NSUJL a membership organization?

Yes, as a membership organization our members are able to participate in all aspects of NSUJL. Including but not limited to election of Officers and Directors, By-law amendments, receive discounts to a few line related suppliers and overall have more involvement in the workings of NSUJL. Your voice at NSUJL is just as strong as any other member. There is no dictatorship here. Interested in joining? Click here

How many families have you helped?

Since formation in January of 2012, NSUJL has assisted over 180 families. In 2018, NSUJL provided over $80,000 in financial assistance to families. Every day, NSUJL works towards increasing its reach within the line-community & helping more line-families in need.

(updated July 2019)

Can I see your financial statements, audits or tax returns?

Yes, You sure can At NSUJL, we pride ourselves in being 100% transparent with our financials. This belief of ours has awarded us Platinum level status with Guidestar. All of our financials are posted on our financials page. As you will see, by our 990 form, we pride ourselves in reserving as much money as possible for families.

How can I apply for assistance?

To qualify for assistance from NSUJL, an applicant and/or family of deceased must have been killed or injured on the job, during working hours and must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Be an I.B.E.W. Journeyman Lineman and/or the Spouse/Minor Child thereof.
  • Be an I.B.E.W. Apprentice Lineman and/or the Spouse/Minor Child thereof.
  • Be an I.B.E.W. Groundmen or Operator and/or the Spouse/Minor Child thereof.
  • Be an otherwise classified I.B.E.W. Linemen and/or Spouse/Minor Child thereof.
  • Be an I.B.E.W LCTT and/or Spouse/Minor Child thereof.

You can access our various assistance applications below:

I'm interested in supporting NSUJL, How can I help?

There are several ways to support NSUJL. We have memberships, volunteers, speakers, and committees. For companies we have sponsorship levels, payroll deductions, and events. Please visit our donation, fundraising page or email us for more information.

Do you accept Paypal?

Yes we do. We are actually a Paypal approved Charity. Click here to make a donation.

You can also mail checks to:


555 Foster Ave.

Freeland, PA 18224

Or, if you would prefer to use a credit card, please visit our store.

Thank you for your support!

Are you affiliated with the IBEW?

No. We use the term IBEW to describe the type of Lineworkers we support but are in no way directly affiliated with IBEW as a whole.

Contact Info

NSUJL is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to assisting the families of fallen and injured power lineworkers. Tax ID: 45-4670118