6 Years of Growth & Giving!

A charity begins at home but should not end there.

On January 26, 2012 five strong-willed IBEW linewives came together with one purpose, solidarity. Surprisingly, this initial meeting inspired a cause much larger than its original purpose.

Six years ago today, the National Sisterhood United for Journeymen Linemen (NSUJL) was formed. An organization devoted to the families of IBEW Journeymen Linemen, Utility Linemen, Apprentice Linemen, Groundmen, Operators, and LCCT hit the ground running. We saw the need, you supported the cause. Like a startup, NSUJL first had to operate within small margins. The high fatality and injury rates of the above positions immediately created an obstacle for the organization. Although it was sometimes impossible to provide substantial financial aid, our team was readily available with emotional and physical assistance. We developed family like ties and the brotherhood noticed. The domino effect then continued beyond the IBEW, correlating with an increase in contributions. Our continued growth is a testament to an increase in support. NSUJL is forever grateful to those who have helped us reach this milestone. Use what you have, to do what you can.

We are proud to report that in 2017, NSUJL assisted 19 line families with over $67,000 of financial assistance. The need for our organization has not diminished. Currently, NSUJL is assisting 9 line families. This is an astronomical number. The key players of any organization are its’ supporters. We appreciate you taking the time to celebrate with us, not to mention we love presents! Happy Anniversary NSUJL! Cheers to 6 years!