NSUJL vs Foster township

Hello and Thank you for visiting the website. Below we outline all of the issues, misrepresentation and discrimination we face in building a national memorial in Foster Twp Luzerne County, PA to honor lineworkers killed on the job.

NSUJL will continue to fight and WILL ALWAYS fight for whats right and just for our brothers, the fallen and our families.

Thank you for watching and thank you for your ongoing support.

Below are the 3 videos mentioned in the powerpoint.
Left- Jacob Johnson live Update
Middle- Climbing for lost linemen at 555 Foster Ave
Right- Lanterns taken down at 555 Foster Ave

How can you help?

Please help us by writing to our government officials that service the Foster twp area. This treatment of a nonprofit is just disgusting. Someone has to have jurisdiction over these townships.

What is a Lineman's Rodeo or the Climbing for lost Linemen ceremony? Watch the IBEW feature below of NSUJL's event.

Over the years one of the cries from the families is that there isn't a permanent place for these brothers to be honored. Since 2016, NSUJL has diligently searched for property to build a National Memorial.

Legacy for Lineworkers Memorial

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