NSUJL vs Foster Township

It is with great excitement and pleasure that we announce to you that we have come to an agreement with Foster Township and all matters have been resolved. We would like to thank Foster Township, the Supervisors, the Planning Commission, the Zoning Hearing board and all of the residents who have been so nice, supportive and cooperative during this process. We truly appreciate all of your support.

A Super Special thanks to IBEW Local 1319, Bobby Riley, Chris Darrow, Kyle Everitt, Jeremy Medash, Congressman Cartwright, Cameron Cox, our Members, Volunteers, Donors, Sponsors, Families and everyone else who came out in support. Thank You!

Over the years one of the cries from the families is that there isn't a permanent place for these brothers to be honored. Since 2016, NSUJL has diligently searched for property to build a National Memorial.

Legacy for Lineworkers Memorial

What is a Lineman's Rodeo or the Climbing for lost Linemen ceremony? Watch the IBEW feature below of NSUJL's event.