How Can YOU Help?

Become a Member

• Your donations go directly to assist families
• You will be assisting the “forgotten” first responders
• You’ll be making a difference in the life of individuals and families, some you may know or work with.
In addition you will enjoy benefits exclusive to NSUJL members including discounts a variety of line related stores such as: Bashlin, Tyndale, Lineman Wear, etc. You will also can be involved in the direction and governance of NSUJL by having voting rights at our annual meetings, including yearly nominations and elections of officers and directors.

Become a Volunteer

One that is one of NSUJL’s greatest need and one of the most rewarding is volunteering. NSUJL has numerous volunteer opportunities.  Some of these opportunities include membership recruitment, including speaking at job staging areas and local safety meetings, working a vendor booth for NSUJL at a rodeo near you. We also have volunteer opportunities working at the NSUJL Annual Fallen Linemen Benefit Rodeo and Climbing for Lost Linemen Event.

Become a Sponsor

Sponsors come in all shapes and sizes. None too big or too small. All, however, are very special to us. One of the most often asked questions is “How can I help?”.  There are several ways. Sponsorship levels start at as little as $500/year. They come with an array of perks depending on what your marketing needs may be. We even have the ability to set up employers so that you can donate through payroll deductions. Download our Sponsorship form here.

Become an Advocate

Some simple but important ways you can help include “liking” us on Facebook, and following us on Twitter and Instagram. Invite others to like our Facebook page and share and statuses with your friends and family. Word of mouth is one the best ways to spread the word about NSUJL and our mission. Be sure to mention us to co-workers and tell your family/friends about us. Our ability to help others greatly depends upon people knowing NSUJL exist and that we are here to help. Although we are in our fourth year of operations there are many people in the line industry that do not know we exist or that we are here to help. We need your help to spread the word, NSUJL is here to help and we need your support. Since NSUJL is a 501(c)3 non-profit all of your donations are tax deductible!

Contact Info

NSUJL is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to assisting the families of fallen and injured power lineworkers. Tax ID: 45-4670118