Memorial Bench

Donate a park bench to be placed around the NSUJL National Monument to Honor Fallen Lineworkers. There will be a plaque on the bench with your name, company name and logo and/or your loved one's name, if you are donating this in their memory. Donation Amount: $1,500. Thank You!
$7,500.00 donated

Pavilion Picnic tables

Sponsor a picnic table to go under a pavilion or in a quiet secluded area of the National Sisterhood United for Journeymen Linemen National Monument to honor lost lineworkers. The custom plaque will be mounted along top and side with your personalization. Donation amount: $750.
$750.00 donated

Memorial Garden Plaques

Sponsor a tree or flowers in the Memorial Garden that will be around the National Monument to Honor Fallen Lineworkers. Personalizations can include your name, in memory of or a company or logo. These pavers will line the memorial walkway, on the NSUJL grounds. Donation amount: $250
$1,500.00 donated