A Dollar for Your Brother

One dollar can go a long way.

Help our fellow IBEW Brothers by setting up reoccurring weekly, or monthly payments.

NSUJL A Dollar for Your Brother

To put things in perspective, here’s a breakdown on just how far a few dollars can reach over the course of a year:

      • $1/week can cover travel expenses to Doctor’s appointments.
      • $5/week can provide one month of heat to one family.
      • $10/week can provide a month’s worth of food to one family.
      • $20/week can cover a housing payment for one month.
      • $50/week can completely cover one family’s monthly benefit from NSUJL.

Choose what you’re willing to donate. Set up a recurring payment. Cancel any time. Every dollar given WILL make a difference in a lineworker or line-family’s life.

100% of A Dollar for Your Brother donations go towards fulfilling our mission.

*The above figures are based on contributions received for an entire calendar year. Actual needs per family may vary.

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NSUJL is 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting families of fallen and injured IBEW lineworkers.